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Since the inception of our club, we have an inclusive swimming program and facility for swimmers of all levels and even those interested in learning the sport from scratch come to us.

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Welcome To West Coast Swimming Club (Since 2010)

The element of water is more endearing for some than others, which is why so many people of the coastal city Perth love to swim. Since, the capital of Western Australia’s significant metropolitan area is on the Swan Coastal Plain, it is not surprising that residents of the city love to swim. The founders of the swim club Mathew Reyes and Michael Jones both professional swimmers recognised the need for encouraging the sport here and joined hands to launch the club in 2010 after much consideration and deliberation. Today, we have multiple squads, a team of trained & qualified coaches, top-quality equipment, a state of the art facility and much more. Our members compete in local and state level competitions, earning accolades and awards every year.

Encourage Participation

Our club promotes and facilitates participation in competitions, team building and enhancement of the sport. Thus, our members, which include Bond Cleaning Perth CMO, often partake in events, training sessions, squad meetings and much more to become better swimmers and break records.

Like To Spend Time

If you are looking for a safe, enriching and comprehensive place to learn, train or compete at swimming sport meets, festivals, competitions and club events, then there is no better place than the West Coast Swimming club in Perth, WA.

Qualified Head

Looking for swimming lessons and guidance from some of the best coaches in Perth? Look no further because at our club we have a team of qualified, certified and experience coaches who were previous swimming athletes and champions.

Get A Free Introduction

Contemplating joining the West Coast Swimming Club? Let us make the decision to become a member easier. We offer a 30 minute introductory session to interested people during which you can check our facility, meet our coaches, look at our equipment and learn about our club in depth. We believe in helping interested people understand our mission, vision and values before they make their mind about join us and applying to be a member. Our club loves to enrol passionate swimmers who want to compete or enjoy swimming as a hobby. We strive to give you a safe, sound and supportive environment where you can learn the skills and prepare yourself for local, state and even national competitions. Our coaches have years of experience in swimming and can help you maintain a good fitness level and learn advanced swimming skills as well. Swimming has been proven to be good for your health as well and we want to make you as fit and active as possible and give you a nice relaxing environment to swim and enjoy yourself in. You will learn at the level that you want and can just do a basic swimming lesson or if you want to advance your skills, our coaches will train you to learn more. You can join our club at any time and meet all our team members and coaches and get connected with swimmers of all different experiences and levels. For more details, contact us or visit our club in Perth today.

Meet Our Coaches

Over the years, we have retained qualified and certified coaches for training our squads and guiding other club members. Here are the four most trusted ones.

Team Member
Team Member

Aaron Walsh

Head Coach
Team Member
Team Member

Lilly Hemsworth

Senior Coach
Team Member
Team Member

Bobby Sen

Senior Coach
Team Member
Team Member

Miranda Smith

Senior Coach

What Sets Us Apart?

For more than a decade, we are providing a safe and encouraging environment for swimmers of all levels. At our club, you can find people at our facility interested in the sport for professional competition, recreation and maintaining fitness. So, if you are thinking of joining us, here are the reasons why we are worth it.

Starting at$88.00 A month

It Is A Sport For All

Besides being a professional sport, swimming is therapeutic and a recreational activity for many people. So, whether you are an athlete, amateur, need physical exercise, a new learner or anyone else, swimming is for you. Thus children, teens, adults and elderly can come to our club and enjoy swimming with everyone else. We are here to give you safe and healthy environment along with top-class club facilities so that you can enjoy this water activity without a second though in your mind. So, come join us now and have a wonderful experience.

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Since swimming is a passion for every person running the club, we maintain an inclusive environment to help every water baby hone their skill. Thus, we have several squads to help people with different swimming level skills

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Unity In Excellence

At our club we offer a united front for lovers of swimming motivated to enjoy, learn and increase the popularity of the sport. We provide facilities and equipment to help every member to achieve excellence and a place where they belong.

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Safe Environment

We understand the importance of providing a secure space for every member to perform different swimming related activities. Thus, we have hygienic pools, quality gears, trained coaches, and many other safety provisions.

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Training & Support

We are among the best clubs in Perth, WA offer training and support to swimmers. At our facility, you can learn tricks, professional techniques, achieve great fitness and do much more to compete in local/ state competitions.

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Experienced Coaches

We pride ourselves at having a team of certified, qualified and trained coaches who have had professional swimming careers. They are committed to providing guidance and support to every member of the club.

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Emerging Leaders

We encourage swimmers to take a lead in their training and practices to allow them to emerge as leaders. We have several squad leaders who understand the importance of growing and helping other members grow as well.

I joined the West Coast Swimming Club for training and having a squad with professional swimmers. I

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Michael Smith

Club Member

Swimming is my passion and I have been involved in the sport for more than 10 years. But, I do it for fun and not professionally.

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Kelly Mathews

Club Member

From a young age I have always been interested in swimming and I finally joined the West Coast Swimming Club after my friends came here and enjoy the environment.

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John Brown

Club Member

Fun For Everyone

Anyone who likes to glide in the waters will tell you how fun and fantastic it is and they are not wrong! Swimming is an inclusive activity that people enjoy alone and with company.

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An Inclusive Sport

It is exciting for all who love to play, relax and compete doing water sports. Therefore, we have facilities to aid in multiple swimming-related activities.

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Get The Equipment You Need

Since safety and a good experience while swimming is what we strive for, we ask our club members and visitors to have the following things with them.

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Document Everything

Swimming is passion, enjoyment, relaxation and much more to many people. Therefore, we capture the essence of the club via photographs and videos.

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Positive Feedback

We have a good reputation and are reckoned as a quality swimming club. Thus, we have received good feedback over the years by club members and visitors.


swimming pools


Happy members





Quality. Professionalism. Transparency

These three qualities are the reason why West Coast Swimming Club is among the best in Perth, WA.

We Maintain Top Standards At Our Club

The West Coast Swimming Club is synonymous with quality because we maintain top standards. We provide the best facilities and resources to our club members and make sure we abide the industry regulations.

We are Always Professionals

Whether you are joining our club for training for a professional career or as a passion, hobby or recreational activity, you can always expect us to be professional. Our coaches understand the importance of remaining professional at all times.

We Maintain Transparency With Members

Honesty and keeping information in a straight-forward manner is essential for us to conduct our services. Therefore, we maintain transparency within our squads and with club members. Our coaches say things as it is and even during financial transactions no hidden charges are imposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or a query? Here are some of the common ones we get all the time. If they don’t provide an answer, call or email us now.

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We make sure to notify each and every member of our squad and those participating in competitions or other swimming events. We have calendars and reminders in place to provide the information whenever required.

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