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Have A Committed & Qualified Coaching Team

West Coast Swimming Cub is a great place for anyone who loves to swim and pursues their interest in the sport professionally or as a hobby. At our club, our mission is always to promote and encourage swimming about the masses of Perth. Thus, we have a team of qualified and certified coaches that provide guidance to everyone who comes to our club. We can help beginners, amateurs, professionals and anyone looking for an inclusive, supportive and safe facility for swimming.

Our coaches are professionals with years of experience, expertise and knowledge as they have competed in several competitions and events for swimming. They have accumulated multiple accolades and awards for their skills and performance. Thus, they can impart the necessary gems of wisdom and support required by people learning, developing and honing their swimming skills here. So, if you need the best coaching for swimming in Perth, WA, we are the right place for you.

With Our Help Realise Your Full Potential

We at West Coast Swimming Club always strive to provide one of the best coaching services and facilities. Therefore, besides hiring professionals with experience, we have developed a state of the art facility where the professionals can teach and provide guidance without any hassle or stress. We have the equipment, gears, swimming pools and much more to allow our coaches to help professionals and beginners alike. In addition to providing the best coaching, our team can offer technical support as well.

You can rest assured, each of our coaches and teachers are qualified and certified with level 2 or above expertise. If anyone is volunteering with us for a few months or we have a guest coach at the club, we do a thorough verification and background check. Furthermore, we make sure they at least have a level 1 qualification.

Meet Our Coaches and Squad Leaders

Before anyone joins the West Coast Swimming Club, we make sure they know about our coaches because it enables us to establish trust. Besides having professionals with years of experience, we have squad leaders to provide guidance and support to their squad members. Here is an overview of our head/senior coaches to help you know who is leading at our club. Have a look.

Aaron has been a member of the club for the past 10 years and one of the pillars of our facilities for coaching. He has a history of competing in professional competitions and events organised by state councils and Australian government. Currently, he is the head coach at West Coast Swimming Club and offers is guidance and support to the different squads we have namely, the junior squad, development squad, professional squad and beginner squad etc. His amiable nature and professionalism makes him an endearing teacher to people who come here to learn and enjoy swimming. Before working at our club as a head coach he was head coach at another prestigious swimming club in Perth, WA. Thankfully, he joined us after leaving the position for better growth and remaining close to his family. Prior to this position, Jan was Head Development Coach at Henley and Grange Swimming Club in South Australia for more than 10 years.

Aaron Walsh

Head Coach

Lilly is the senior coach at our club and she has over 20 years of experience of professional swimming. She stopped competing and started coaching to spend more time with her family and encourage young people to learn and enjoy swimming. Her expertise and experience make her one of the best assets at the West Coast Swimming Club. Currently, she focuses on training and guiding the junior and development squads of the club. Under her guidance and strictness, we have made multiple kids realise their talent and take swimming seriously as a career options.

Lilly Hemsworth

Senior Coach

Along with Lilly, Bobby is one of our best coaches and teachers who has professional experience and lead many teams to success. He has an impressive 15 years of swimming coaching experience, and known for his professional, polite, extremely caring and disciple mannerism. All our club members thrive under his guidance especially those who are training for competing in events. He is an incredible teacher who leads the club’s swimmers in realising their dreams and thriving as swimmers.

Bobby Sen

Senior Coach

Miranda like Lilly and Bobby is an experienced, esteemed and loved senior coach at West Coast Swimming Club. She is a well know name in the community owning to her successful career as a state-level swimmer and now as a loving teacher.

Miranda Smith

Senior Coach

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