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We encourage everyone who is interested in honing their skills in swimming and competing with others to join a squad. These are teams where you can receive training for different levels and develop essential skills to compete in the sport of swimming. At present we have four main squads for training and supporting swimmers across Perth, WA. Here is an overview of each them.

Junior Squad

Looking to join a team where you can learn how to compete in swimming competition? We have the junior squad where the potential of swimmers is honed and developed to help them gain an interest in competing. This squad generally suits well for young swimmers of 7 to 11 years who have mastered basic four strokes. An assessment of skills is performed by a senior coach to see whether a swimmer is eligible to join the squad. There is no limit on number, as we want to have as many young swimmers in our team as possible. Through our training and support, the swimmer can further their techniques and development of starts, finishes, turns, reading the clock etc. We recommend junior squad members to attend 2-3 sessions every week out of the four sessions conducted at West Coast Swimming Club.

Performance Squad

Want to compete with swimmers with more than basic level training and skills? Join the performance squad at West Coast Swimming Club established especially for athletes who have competed at local, state or national levels. The eligible age for this squad is 13 years and above as the training includes five or more training sessions, one S&C sessions (after discussion with senior coach) and more. Every week, we conduct nine swimming sessions and 1 gym/S& C Session and the squad members are required to arrive 10-15 minutes before the sessions start for dry land activation.

Development Squad

Fir young swimmers above the age of 10 years, we have a development squad the best one for swimmers graduating from the junior level and need to focus on it as a competitive sport. With our help, the swimmers can qualify for county championship, all junior and he state times as well. For our development squad members we recommend attendance of three or more sessions out of which at least one session in the morning every week. We provide six swimming sessions per week and ask swimmers to arrive 15 minutes before the sessions for dry land activation. This squad is also suitable for swimmers aged 12 years or above who want to keep swimming for fitness, club members or hobby purposes and don’t want to compete in competitions or events. Our senior coaches don’t have any training requirements from these squad members.

Adult Squad

Are you 18 years of age or above and want to join a squad suited for your interests? Then join the adult squad at West Coast Swimming Club. This team is best when you want to pursue the sport for fitness or recreation purposes. Whether you have competed as a professional swimmer in the past, need training for open water even, a triathlon, or any other reason, we welcome you. Swimming is great for low impact training for fitness as well. There is no recommended amount of sessions to attend for this squad but we have four swim sessions available every week. You can choose to attend one or all as per availability of time.

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